Management Setup

The Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion (formerly ExaLINK Fusion) features a console port and 10/100Mb management interface.

The factory default setting of the Nexus 3550-F has one user: admin defined with the password: admin

Console Port

The console port uses an industry standard RJ45 connector commonly used for connecting to network devices via a serial port.

The serial port parameters are 9600 8N1, ie 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit.

Ethernet Management Interface

The default configuration for the Nexus 3550-F management is to attempt a DHCP based configuration for 20 seconds, and then revert to a static IP of

In order to have the management IP address of Nexus 3550-F assigned by DHCP, issue the following command:

admin@N3550-F> config management address dhcp
Enabled DHCP on management interface

Setting a static IP requires specifying the static IP to use, along with the netmask. An optional gateway address can also be provided. For example:

admin@N3550-F> config management address static
Set static IPv4 address on management interface

To view the current management interface settings, issue the show management address command, for example:

admin@N3550-F> sh management address
MAC address        : 643F5F801980
Link status        : Up

IPv4 config method : Static address
IPv4 address       :
Subnet mask        :
Router             :

IPv6 config method : Disabled
Link-local address : fe80::663f:5fff:fe80:1980

A name server can be optionally specified, in order to resolve hostnames for management interface operations such as ping and firmware update. Note that multiple name servers can be issued, for example:

admin@N3550-F> config management name-server
Name server updated

Viewing the list of currently defined name servers is done as follows:

admin@N3550-F> sh management name-server
Name server :
Name server :

This page was last updated on Mar-08-2021.