The Cisco Nexus 3550-F (formerly ExaLINK Fusion) has several features that can be unlocked by adding a license. This license is installed onto the device at the factory prior to shipping.


Firmware versions from 1.7.0 to 1.14.0 have a "support date" requirement. A valid license with end-of-support date after the indicated date was required to install these firmware versions.

This requirement has been removed as of 1.15.0.

Please contact support if you need to roll back to a version earlier than 1.15.0 and your device did not ship with a suitable license with "support date" included.

Checking Licensed Features

In order to see which additional features your Nexus 3550-F has been licensed for (if any), simply type the show version command. If there are any licenses found they will be listed as follows:

admin@N3550-F> show version
Hardware type      : EBFSN-03
Chassis PID        : N35-FS-48X
Serial number      : EXALNK-A-00000
Software version   : 1.15.0
Software date      : 2020-06-29 12:22:10 +1000 (39e1b68)
Licensed features  : switch

Line card A
Hardware type      : LC40G-01

Line card B
Hardware type      : LC10G-04

Line card C
Hardware type      : LC10G-04

Module X
Hardware type      : KU115-04
Firmware function  : switch
Firmware date code : 1507182967 (ecf9aafe)

Adding a License

If for some reason the license that shipped with your device was lost and needs to be reinstalled, the license can be re-entered into the Nexus 3550-F by issuing the config license set command. Once entered, this command will prompt you to enter in the license key provided to you by Exablaze sales/support. You should paste the license text and then press ctrl-D, as follows:

admin@N3550-F> config license set
Enter license key, press Ctrl-D when done
Serial Number : EXALINK-FUSION
--------------------------------LICENSE KEY---------------------------------

Number of licenses     : 1

License serial number  : EXALINK-FUSION
License features       : switch

License activated

Alternatively, the license file can be copied across from your PC to the Nexus 3550-F using sftp, for example:

$ sftp admin@
admin@'s password:
sftp> put EXALINK-FUSION_license.txt license.txt

Once the license file has been copied, the Nexus 3550-F can be instructed to reload the license to enable any new features using the config license reload command:

admin@N3550-F> config license reload
Reloading license file...
License file reloaded


License files are stored in a persistent area of the Nexus 3550-F's file system or hardware and are not overwritten by firmware upgrades.

This page was last updated on Mar-08-2021.