Statistics logging



This feature requires version 1.9.0 or later

The Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion (formerly ExaLINK Fusion) can log time series statistics to a remote database. Only InfluxDB databases are supported in the current version.

Collected statistics

System sensors and information including:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Current sensors
  • Power supply sensors
  • Fan speeds
  • Management CPU load average
  • Management CPU available memory

Port status and port counters including:

  • SFP present
  • Signal status reported by the SFP, ie. light received or not
  • CDR lock
  • Current RX link state
  • RX link state change count
  • Packet and byte counters for RX and TX
  • CRC error counters for RX (FCS)

Switch statistics including:

  • Buffer memory used (Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion HPT (formerly Fusion HPT) only)

Measurements from the Nexus 3550-F HPT time synchronization algorithm:

  • Raw offset at PPS edge
  • Smoothed offset
  • Raw frequency error of the oscillator


Before statistics logging can be enabled, a database connection must be configured.

InfluxDB connection

To set up a connection to an InfluxDB server, the server address and database name are needed. This is configured using the following commands:

admin@N3550-F> config statistics influxdb server myserver
InfluxDB server address configured
admin@N3550-F> config statistics influxdb database mydb
InfluxDB database name changed

If the InfluxDB server listens on a port other than 8086, the port can be specified using the following command syntax:

admin@N3550-F> config statistics influxdb server myserver:1234
InfluxDB server address configured

By default, the Nexus 3550-F will use HTTP to connect to the InfluxDB server. To enable HTTPS, use the ssl command:

admin@N3550-F> config statistics influxdb ssl
Enabled SSL for InfluxDB

If the InfluxDB database requires authentication, this can be configured using the authentication command. For example, to authenticate using the username donald and password mypassword:

admin@N3550-F> config statistics influxdb authentication donald mypassword
Enabled InfluxDB username/password authentication

Use the no form of these commands to disable HTTPS and disable authentication, for example:

admin@N3550-F> config statistics influxdb no ssl
Disabled SSL for InfluxDB
admin@N3550-F> config statistics influxdb no authentication
Disabled InfluxDB authentication

Enable statistics logging

After a database connection is set up, statistics logging can be enabled using the statistics enable command:

admin@N3550-F> config statistics enable
Statistics logging enabled

At this point, statistics will be published to the remote server every 60 seconds. Currently, the logging interval is fixed and not configurable.

The statistics disable command can be used to disable statistics logging:

admin@N3550-F> config statistics disable
Statistics logging disabled

This page was last updated on Mar-08-2021.