Configuration management

Showing and saving the current config

The configuration of the Cisco Nexus 3550-F Fusion (formerly ExaLINK Fusion) is described by a running-config. The running-config contains all of the settings that are currently in effect on the device.

admin@N3550-F> configure show running-config
management address static
mux my_mux
  mode layer2
  port upstream A2
  port A1
timesync ptp 0
module X
  function mux
telnet enable

To make the running-config persistent across reboots of the device, it must be saved to the startup-config. To save the running-config to the startup-config, use the copy command:

admin@N3550-F> configure copy running-config startup-config
Saved running config to startup config

Any setting in the startup-config will be applied to the device at boot time.

Erasing configurations

The startup-config can be erased with the erase startup-config command. This command will revert the Fusion's power-up settings to the factory default settings.

Various elements of the running-config can be erased, depending on how much of the config you want to reset.

admin@N3550-F(config)> erase running-config
Usage: erase startup-config
       erase running-config [all] [management] [module] [data-plane]
Erase configuration files
  • all will reset the running-config to the factory default settings, potentially rendering the device inaccessible from the current connection.

  • management will reset only those parts of the running-config related to the management of the device, not the high speed port config. For example, hostname management address, passwords, logging etc are all covered in this reset group. This could potentially render the device inaccessible from the current connection.

  • data-plane will reset all port configs and delete all patch/tap/mux/switch and mirror objects.

  • module will reset any internal module specific settings, for example the selection between mux or switch firmware, or any custom module settings applied.


Erasing the running-config takes place immediately after the command is executed. A warning is given prior to executing any erase running-config command that could potentially disrupt your connection to the management interface.

Backing up the config

The startup-config is stored within the Nexus 3550-F as a number of .conf files. These can be retrieved from the device using sftp for backup purposes, and put back onto the device if necessary.

$ sftp admin@
admin@'s password:
Connected to
sftp> get *.conf

This page was last updated on Feb-19-2021.