System Clock

The system clock is used for timestamps in log messages. Timestamps and other time displays are in local time.

Displaying the time

The current time, time zone setting and time synchronization status can be displayed using the show clock command.

admin@EXALINK-HYDRA# show clock
Tue Oct  1 09:05:03 2019
Timezone is Australia/Sydney
Time source is NTP

Time zone configuration

To configure the time zone, use the clock timezone command in config mode. For example, to set the timezone to US Eastern time:

admin@EXALINK-HYDRA(config)# clock timezone US/Eastern
Time zone set to US/Eastern
admin@EXALINK-HYDRA(config)# show clock
Mon Sep 30 19:09:33 2019
Timezone is US/Eastern
Time source is NTP

Synchronizing time using NTP

The Cisco Nexus 3550-H Hydra (formerly ExaLINK Hydra) supports synchronizing the system clock using NTP.

Use the ntp server command to add to the list of NTP servers. Multiple servers can be specified using this command. Some of the servers can be designated as preferred servers using the prefer keyword. In this case, the other servers will only be used if no preferred servers are available.

admin@EXALINK-HYDRA(config)# ntp server prefer
Added NTP server
admin@EXALINK-HYDRA(config)# ntp server
Added NTP server

The show ntp status command shows the status of NTP time synchronization.

admin@EXALINK-HYDRA# show ntp status
Synchronized to NTP server ( at stratum 4
   Time correct to within 63 ms
   Polling server every 2048 s

To remove a NTP server from the list, use the no ntp server command.

admin@EXALINK-HYDRA(config)# no ntp server
Removed NTP server