Updating the firmware

Cisco Nexus 3550-H Hydra (formerly ExaLINK Hydra) firmware updates are made available as an installer binary. The update process will verify the integrity of the contents of the binary before applying the update and rebooting the Nexus 3550-H. Currently it is only possible to transfer updates to the Nexus 3550-H via SCP, though more methods will be added in the future. The update process will take a few minutes.

The latest Nexus 3550-H firmware update binaries and release notes are available on Cisco CCO.

Note that the Cisco Nexus 3550-H Hydra L1-160 (formerly Hydra 160) and Cisco Nexus 3550-H Hydra L1-144 (formerly Hydra 144) are both updated with the same update binary.

Updating with SCP

The firmware must be transferred to the admin user's home directory on the Nexus 3550-H:

$ scp exablaze-hydra-installer_1.0.4.bin admin@EXALINK-HYDRA:
admin@EXALINK-HYDRA's password:
exablaze-hydra-installer_1.0.4.bin 100%  247MB  65.8MB/s   00:03

Once the installer is available on the Nexus 3550-H, the firmware update process can begin using the command line interface.

admin@EXALINK-HYDRA# configure update file exablaze-hydra-installer_1.0.4.bin
Using system update file '/var/home/admin/exablaze-hydra-installer_1.0.4.bin'
Starting update process...
Connection to EXALINK-HYDRA closed by remote host.
Connection to EXALINK-HYDRA closed.

This page was last updated on Apr-07-2021.