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JTAG access on SmartNIC K35-S (X10) & K35-Q (X40)

The SmartNIC K35-S & SmartNIC K35-Q have an edge connector available for JTAG connection. The pinout for the edge connector is as follows (T is the top of the board and B is the bottom of the board):

X10/X40 JTAG pinout

The JTAG signals are 1.8V logic levels. The 1.8V power rail is provided by the card and can be used as a reference. The 12V power rail should normally be left unconnected if the card is powered by a PCIe slot. Care should be taken not to inadvertantly connect JTAG signals to the 12V power rail, which could occur if the connector is plugged in upside-down.

This page was last updated on Jun-10-2021.