Time Synchronize Geographically Distributed Networks

Many businesses operate in a global context, spanning countries and continents around the world. In modern regulatory environments, accurate timing and reporting are required to remain compliant (e.g. MiFID II). Operators need to ensure that network wide timing is globally synchronized and that this timing is properly distributed.

The ExaNIC GM provides these features in a unique, network adapter form factor. It has an inbuilt GPS receiver, providing globally synchronized timing to local networks. In addition, it has a 0.2 parts per billion (ppb) oven controlled oscillator (OCXO) capable of 24hrs holdover with less than 15us drift. This oscillator can be upgraded to an atomic clock for even greater precision and holdover performance.

The device outputs both PTP and PPS signals for accurate time synchronization with Exablaze and third party products. It can also be used directly as one of our signature low latency network adapters saving space within the rack without wasting a valuable PCIe port.

Tapping, Packet Timestamping, and Packet Timestamping with Aggregation

Sometimes it is necessary to get visibility in the middle of the network and distribute that visibility to the edge for capture/analysis. The ExaLINK Fusion provides tapping, aggregation and packet timestamping at 2.8ns resolution with no additional latency on the critical path.

The Fusion L1 can tap any port and forward it to dedicated monitoring and capture infrastructure. The Fusion L2+ can additionally append timestamps or replace frame checksums (FCS) with timestamps.

These packets can then be captured to disk at the edge of the network using a Fusion x86 module, ExaNIC adapter or a 3rd party device such (e.g. a Corvil appliance). The ExaLINK Fusion L2+ supports GPS, PPS and PTP receivers for timing synchronization and can generate PPS timing signals to synchronize with other devices (e.g. An ExaNIC or other ExaLINK Fusion)

Laboratory Testing and Measurement

Due diligence and compliance processes often mandate that firms employ vigorous internal testing and validation procedures before deploying new devices. But, how can these tests be verified with equipment that reports in intervals +/-10ns?

The ExaNIC HPT resolves this problem by providing network measurements at 0.25ns (250ps) resolution. This allows users to validate the performance of any networking device up to and including a 20cm optical fiber pigtail.

The device is supplied in a half-height format that is equally at home in the lab or in production servers and operates as a drop-in replacement for the ExaNIC X10, the lowest latency network card available on the market.

As with all ExaNICs, both transmit and receive timestamps are available through the ExaNIC API and unmodified applications can be accelerated using our ExaSock transparent bypass technology.