Low Latency Data Distribution

Low latency replication of data from one source to many destinations (1:N) is necessary for many datacenter, telecommunications and monitoring applications. For example, financial trading applications often require market data to be distributed to a number of participants at extremely low latency and low jitter.

The ExaLINK Fusion Layer 1 matrix switch can distribute packets from any input port to any group of outputs at incredibly low latency of less than 5 nanoseconds. It is almost invisible to users, adding about the same overall delay as 1m of fiber.

The ExaLINK Fusion L1 also supports packet counters, signal quality metrics and packet header capture for debugging, making it a versatile component of any network.

For users with more complex needs, the ExaLINK Fusion L2 Switch supports all of these features as well as full layer 2 switching with multicast.

Connection Multiplexing

It is often necessary to share specialized network connections in a many to one (N:1) manner at the lowest possible latency. For example, an exchange cross-connect or order entry point may need to be shared by many trading machines. The ExaLINK Fusion FastMux is the lowest latency link aggregation product available on the market. It has a minimum latency of just 38ns (+/-0.2ns) on a 15 port aggregator (median 42ns, maximum 48ns).

The device supports 4 independent multipexers with up to 15 ingress ports. The return path offers layer 1 replication (as above), with <5ns of latency, for a total round trip of less than 43ns.

Long Distance Network Sharing

Long-haul network links are expensive and often need to be fairly and securely shared among multiple clients/users. The ExaLINK Fusion VLAN Mux is a fully featured, low latency link aggregation product designed for long-haul link sharing. With a minimum latency of 86ns, the device supports, VLAN tagging and trunking, 1G and 10G line rate conversion, timestamping, tapping and monitoring. Layer 2 / VLAN based de-multiplexing ensures that clients remain isolated, giving security and performance.

Managed Switch

The ExaLINK Fusion L2+ Switch has remained the world’s lowest latency layer 2 switch since it was released. The device allows users to connect any number of hosts to each other (N:N) and has a median latency of 95ns. The ExaLINK Fusion L2+ switch has a unique design that allows any number of layer 2 “switch objects” to be instantiated, creating hardware separated networks, while simultaneously allowing specialist functions like high speed multiplexing. It supports MAC learning, IGMP snooping, VLAN tags TACACS+ authentication, and SNMP. It can be configured using our intuitive CLI or JSON RPC API interface.