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All ExaNIC network interfaces cards feature high precision hardware timestamping, and high quality time synchronization (over PTP/PPS) capabilities out of the box. The ExaNIC HPT and ExaNIC GM extend these capabilities by adding picosecond precision timestamping and high stability PTP Grandmaster capabilities (respectively). When combined with the ExaLINK Fusion FastMux, end-to-end PTP time synchronization as low as ±1ns is possible.

The ExaNIC Grandmaster (GM) is a PCIe form factor, 10G Ethernet IEE1588 PTP Grandmaster. It is a fully integrated solution, featuring an onboard GPS receiver and high stability oscillator for holdover.

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While initially conceived as a low latency multiplexer, the extremely low-latency tails of the ExaLINK Fusion FastMux makes it an excellent PTP distribution switch, offering near perfect jitter performance.

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The ExaNIC HPT features world-leading 250 picosecond (0.25ns) timestamp resolution as well as out-of-the-box hardware-accelerated PTP support. This makes the ExaNIC HPT one of the best PTP NICs on the market.

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Exablaze is more than just a NIC vendor. We build and supply an entire ecosystem of network products including low latency switches, timestamping devices, optics and cables. Everything needed to build a high performance, low latency network system is available from Exablaze. Here's a few examples:

ExaLINK switches from Exablaze are the lowest latency network switches on the market. The devices include a high density layer 1 (L1) matrix switching, ultra-low latency aggregation, and complete layer 2 (L2) switching. A high precision, deep-buffered tap/aggregation switch and custom switch form factor FPGA application platform are also available.

ExaNIC network adapters are the lowest latency, most feature packed network interfaces on the market. The ExaNIC X25 device offers trigger to response times of under 600ns. Meanwhile the ExaNIC HPT offers 0.25ns (250ps) resolution measurement and the ExaNIC GM is a GPS synchronized PTP Grandmaster. All ExaNIC devices operate with libexanic and ExaSOCK , our free and open source software libraries.

All ExaNICs are FPGA based. This makes them fast, flexible, and field upgradable. Users can also implement custom network processing applications on many ExaNIC devices using the ExaNIC Firmware Development Kit (FDK) for these devices. Large FPGA devices are also available including the ExaNIC V5P and ExaNIC V9P .

Exablaze supplies high quality SFP+ and QSFP optical transceivers . Transceivers are available in short and long range variants for 1G, 10G and 40G speeds. Note: Exablaze does not require that customers use our branded transceivers. We try to remain compatible with all reasonable quality 3rd party SFP+/QSFP transceivers on the market.

Exablaze supplies high quality direct attach (twinax) cables in a variety of lengths and connector options. We can provide SFP+ to SFP+, QSFP to QSFP, and QSFP to SFP+ breakout cables. Note: Exablaze does not require that customers use our branded twinax cables. We try to remain compatible with all reasonable quality 3rd party cables on the market.


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