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Low latency systems designers are increasingly turning to FPGAs for their most demanding applications. FPGAs offer performance similar to dedicated hardware, with the flexibility and reconfigurability of software. To extract the most value from FPGA devices, the hardware needs to be production ready, with industry grade drivers, tools and operating systems integration. Meanwhile, the firmware development environment needs to be fit-for purpose and tightly optimized for low latency. Exablaze's range of PCIe and switch form factor FPGAs and Firmware Development Kits offer both production ready hardware, and integrated low-latency performance.


All ExaNIC network interface cards are built using FPGA devices. While the ExaNIC X10, X25, and X40 are primarily intended for use as ultra-low latency network adapters, the ExaNIC X25-DDR4 , V5P, and V9P are primarily intended for use as FPGA based network application/SmartNIC cards.

All devices are programmable using the ExaNIC Firmware Development Kit and all share the same low latency software, drivers, and extensive tooling making them simple to deploy and manage.

The ExaNIC V9P is a high-density network application card. The device packs dual QSFP-DD ports, a Virtex Ultrascale+ VU9P, and 9GB DDR4 DRAM into a low-profile form factor.

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The ExaNIC V5P is a memory dense FPGA card, featuring a Xilinx Ultrascale+ V5P FPGA, 144Mb QDRIV SRAM and 9GB DDR4 DRAM, in a dual QSFP28, half-length, half-height form factor

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The ExaNIC X25 is compact and cost-effective FPGA application card featuring a Xilinx Ultrascale Plus KU3P FPGA. The device is our lowest latency NIC, and optionally ships with 4GB of DDR4 DRAM

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Exablaze offers multiple firmware development products, including a complete firmware development environment, and an integrated low-latency TCP transmission hardware/software stack.


The ExaNIC FPGA Firmware Development Kit (FDK) is a complete development environment for building low latency FPGA applications on ExaNIC devices. It is a fully integrated into the ExaNIC software libraries allowing users to enhance ExaNICs with ultra-low latency SmartNIC features.

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Building low latency applications often requires advanced connectivity to TCP based network endpoints. The FDK-XP (Firmware Development Kit Extension Pack) adds ultra-low latency TCP transmit capabilities as well as drastically reduced MAC latency to the ExaNIC V5P FDK

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ExaLINK Fusion switches offer higher FPGA and port density than a standard PCIe card, packaged into a compact, industry standard 1 Rack Unit format. The device can be used as a stand-alone FPGA application platform, and/or as a powerful low latency switch.

The ExaLINK Fusion FPGA Firmware Development Kit (FDK) is a complete development environment for building low latency FPGA applications inside ExaLINK Fusion switches. It is a fully integrated into the ExaLINK Fusion switch plaform including management and debugging interfaces. Read more about the ExaLINK Fusion Firmware Development Kit...

An x86 internal module is also available for custom applications. The module features a quad core Intel i7 Skylake processor with turbo boost up to 3.5Ghz, two mSata bays and one m.2 drive bay. The module also features a complete ExaNIC X40 on board. A dedicated 4-lane PCIe breakout cable is available for connection to FPGA modules.

Up to two FPGA modules can be added to the ExaLINK Fusion Switch for custom application use. The FPGAs feature a powerful Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale KU115, 144Mb QDR SRAM, and dual channel DDR DRAM DIMM slots. Bay to bay connectivity is also available.


Exablaze is more than just an FPGA vendor. We build and supply an entire ecosystem of network products including low latency switches, NICs, timestamping and time synchronization devices, and optics and cables. Everything needed to build a high performance, low latency network system is available from Exablaze. Here's a few examples:

ExaLINK switches from Exablaze are the lowest latency network switches on the market. The devices include a high density layer 1 (L1) matrix switching, ultra-low latency aggregation, and complete layer 2 (L2) switching. A high precision, deep-buffered tap/aggregation switch and custom switch form factor FPGA application platform are also available.

Exablaze ExaNIC network adapters are the lowest latency NICs on the market. The devices ship with a userspace networking API for low latency packet manipulation, and an in-place sockets acceleration library to accelerate unmodified applications.

Exablaze supplies high quality SFP+ and QSFP optical transceivers . Transceivers are available in short and long range variants for 1G, 10G and 40G speeds. Note: Exablaze does not require that customers use our branded transceivers. We try to remain compatible with all reasonable quality 3rd party SFP+/QSFP transceivers on the market.

Exablaze supplies high quality direct attach (twinax) cables in a variety of lengths and connector options. We can provide SFP+ to SFP+, QSFP to QSFP, and QSFP to SFP+ breakout cables. Note: Exablaze does not require that customers use our branded twinax cables. We try to remain compatible with all reasonable quality 3rd party cables on the market.


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