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ExaNIC Direct Access API


Libexanic provides ultra-low latency kernel-bypass networking for ExaNIC network adapters.

It enables applications to benefit from the ultra-low latency access to the ExaNIC devices. Applications using libexanic have direct control over ExaNIC transmit and receive buffers. This facilitates extremely low latency packet processing.

The libexanic API includes a variety of access functions for low level packet manipulation. These functions include basic frame TX/RX functions as well as advanced low latency access functions. Advanced features include cut-through frame receive (CT-RX) using receive chunk functions and pre-loaded TX for low latency transmit.

Libexanic ships with a wide range of example applications including:

Libexanic seamlessly integrates with ExaSOCK, our low-latency TCP/UDP/IP sockets acceleration system. It is fully open source and available for all ExaNIC devices. Full documentation is available here.

    PERFORMANCE (on ExaNIC X25 Hardware)

  • Typical latency, raw frames:
    • - 64 bytes: 669ns
    • - 256 bytes: 897ns
  • Typical latency, raw frames with pre-loaded TX buffer:
    • - 64 bytes: 629ns
    • - 256 bytes: 665ns


  • ExaNIC hardware purchases include 1 year support and warranty, extended options available:


libexanic source code and binaries


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