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Exact Capture


Exact Capture is a high-rate, lossless packet capture solution for ExaNIC network adapters.

The system is fully open source and designed for performance as well as ease of configuration. It can be used with any ExaNIC network adapter, and is optimized for use with ExaDISK high speed NVMe SSDs. The system can be deployed on any suitably powerful server system.

Exact capture ships with a selection of utilities including:

  • exact-pcap-extract.c - A tool for exacting pcap captures form expcap captures. It is also used to merge multiple expcap files together, and to filter packets for a given source port/device.
  • exact-pcap-match.c - A tool for exacting performing packet matching on a pair of pcap or expcap files. The output includes the computed latency difference in nanoseconds and potentially picoseconds.
  • exact-pcap-parse.c - A tool for parsing pcaps and expcaps and outputting in ASCII for debugging and inspection.

Exact capture is fully open source and available for all ExaNIC and ExaDISK devices. Full documentation is available here.


exact-cap source code and binaries


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