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ExaLINK Hydra 144


High density layer 1 matrix switch.

The ExaLINK Hydra 144 is a high density layer 1 matrix switch. With 36x QSFP connectors, the device supports up to 144x 10GbE lanes in a single rack unit (1RU).

A layer 1 matrix switch is a powerful tool for tapping into connections (for network monitoring), patching connections between ports (for dynamic network reconfiguration) and fanning-out connections from one port to many (for low latency multicast).

ExaLINK Hydra 144 Layer 1 devices operate at the (physical) electrical layer. No packet processing is performed on the critical path. This makes them incredibly fast. Average latencies through the device are under 7ns while minimum latencies are less than 3ns .

Despite operating at the physical layer, the devices are deeply packet aware. They provide rich packet statistics and monitoring on all ports, including packet counts, signal quality metrics and full packet dumps.

ExaLINK Hydra Layer 1 switches are a powerful and flexible component in any high performance network. Example use cases include:


  • Latency:
    • - Typical: ~5ns
    • - Minimum: 3.3ns
    • - Maximum: 7.2ns
  • Counters/Signal Conditioning:
    • - Full RX and TX signal recovery and regeneration
    • - RX and TX packet counters and statistics monitoring
    • - Port signal quality counters and statistics monitoring


  • Remote monitoring and control:
    • - All command line features available via JSON RPC API
    • - SNMP v2 & v3 support
    • - Remote logging to Syslog and Influx DB


  • Connectivity:
    • - 144-way layer 1 matrix switch
    • - 36x QSFP ports (1/10GbE)
  • Management Interfaces:
    • - SFP+ 10GbE Management Port
    • - RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Management Port
    • - RJ45 Industry Standard Serial Port
    • - USB A (for firmware upgrades)
    • - 3.3V PPS in/out, software-selectable 50 ohm termination
  • Physical:
    • - 19" 1RU, rack mount
    • - Dual, hot-swappable supplies
    • - Standard: AC 90-264V, 47-64 Hz
    • - Optional: DC 40-72V
    • - Maximum consumption: 700W
    • - Triple hot-swappable fan modules
    • - Optional airflow direction (FTB, BTF)


  • Purchase includes 1 year support and warranty, extended options available:


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