High speed multiplexing for long haul links

A dedicated solution for low latency telecommunications providers

The ExaLINK Fusion VLAN MUX, is a dedicated solution for long haul, low latency, telecommunication networks. The device enables secure Ethernet VLAN based sharing (multiplexing/demultiplexing) and rate conversion for low latency network links with a minimum of latency.

Device features include:

  • Ultra low latency performance (minimum 86ns, median 100ns, maximum 110ns)
  • VLAN Tagging, trunking, stripping and rewriting
  • 1G/10G and 10G/1G rate conversion
  • Advanced monitoring and statistics

The ExaLINK Fusion VLAN MUX is built on the ExaLINK Fusion Layer 1 matrix switch platform. All 48 ports for ExaLINK Fusion, are enabled to perform layer 1 switching. This provides support for features, such as tapping for logging, patching for failover, and packet counters and signal quality statistics for monitoring.