ExaLINK Fusion


The ExaLINK Fusion is a uniquely flexible top-of-rack switch that can do it all.

With a combination of 95ns Layer 2 switching, 39ns Layer 1.5 forwarding and 5ns Layer 1 functionality, it is an unbeatable choice for any application requiring low latency networking.

A pluggable line card architecture allows configurations of up to 48 ports of 10G or up to 12 ports of 40G. Within the chassis, two module bays allow application specific or custom modules to be fitted.

The Layer 2 switch module is fitted to one of these bays, leaving the other free for FPGA applications using the FPGA development kit allowing deployment of customer applications right inside the switch.

Layer 2+ Latency: 95 ns
Layer 1.5 (Aggregation) Latency: 39 ns
Layer 1 patching and tapping latency: 5 ns
3 User pluggable line cards, field swappable.
Pluggable internal module bay allows for upgrades of Layer 1.5 / 2 switching module.
Second pluggable internal module bay allows for deployment of FPGA based customer application.
Layer 1 configuration allows any port to be dynamically patched to one more ports unidirectionally or bidirectionally.
Layer 1.5 configuration allows multiple ports to communicate with a single upstream port.
Layer 2 configuration for traditional Ethernet switching with limited Layer 3 capabilities.
Multiple independent virtual layer 1.5 / layer 2 switches and routers can be defined from any of the installed front panel ports. Each virtual switch can be segregated from the others and resources such as routers shared between them.
Up to 48x 10G SFP+ ports.
Up to 12x 40G QSFP+ front panel ports coming soon.
Sub 2ns non blocking high speed connectivity between all line cards and internal module ports
Supported media:
Copper Direct Attach (40GBASE-CR4*, 10GBASE-CR, 1000BASE-T)
Ethernet (10/100M), serial, USB master, PPS
Web, CLI and SNMP interfaces for configuring connectivity and monitoring status
CLI access: Ethernet (SSH, telnet), serial
External scripting available via JSON RPC API
TACACS+ support for authentication, authorization, and accounting
Support for multiple users with permissions on a per-port basis
Local and remote syslog
Time sync via PTP or NTP
Firmware upgradeable via web browser, SFTP, TFTP or USB drive
Dual hot-swappable power supply modules
Standard option:
- AC 90-264V 47-63Hz, with IEC C13-C14 cables included
Alternate option:
- DC 40-72V input for datacenter applications
Typical power consumption:
- 150W
Dual hot-swappable fan modules
Airflow options:
- standard (front-to-back) or reversed (back-to-font)
Power and fans digitally monitored