ExaLINK Fusion FastMux


With latency as low as 39ns, new FastMux is nearly twice as fast as previous generation multiplexers.

ExaLINK Fusion now includes FastMux, the lowest-latency crosspoint-enabled multiplexer on the market. FastMux enables aggregation of 15 connections into a single upstream port, with almost identical latency for all 15 ports.

The performance of FastMux has been verified using ExaNIC-HPT, Exablaze’s High Precision Timestamp capture device which measures the time between network events to 250 picoseconds resolution.

ExaLINK Fusion FastMux ships with a Performance Verification Report which shows:

  • Performance results (minimum 45.79ns, median 50.79ns, maximum 55.79ns)
  • Configuration and how the measurements were taken
  • Latency distribution of all ports.
All 48 ports for ExaLINK Fusion, including FastMux ports, are cross-point enabled. This provides support for layer 1 features, such as tapping for logging, patching for failover, and packet counters and signal quality statistics for monitoring. This feature makes the ExaLINK Fusion FastMux the most flexible aggregation device on the market.

ExaLINK Fusion ships with the option of FastMux, which is also available as a free firmware upgrade for existing Exablaze customers.