ExaLINK Fusion L1


The most powerful and flexible tool for low latency physical layer networking

All ExaLINK Fusion devices include layer 1 matrix switch functionality. A layer 1 matrix switch is a powerful tool for tapping into connections (for network monitoring), patching connections between ports (for dynamic network reconfiguration) and fanning-out connections from one port to many (for low latency multicast).

ExaLINK Fusion Layer 1 devices operate at the (physical) electrical layer. No packet processing is performed on the critical path. This makes them incredibly fast. Average latencies through the device are under 4.3ns while minimum latencies are less than 3.1 ns .

Despite operating at the physical layer, the devices are deeply packet aware. They provide rich packet statistics and monitoring on all ports, including packet counts, signal quality metrics and full packet dumps.

ExaLINK Fusion Layer 1 switches are a powerful and flexible component in any high performance network. Example use cases include: