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AUTHOR: Matt - DATE: 2018/10/12

Network Tap/Aggregation Enters the Picosecond Era with ExaLINK Fusion HPT

Exablaze today announced the ExaLINK Fusion HPT, a highly anticipated addition to the successful ExaLINK Fusion product series. The ExalINK Fusion HPT provides unprecedented depths of insight into network operations for high performance compute (HPC), high frequency trading (HFT), and telecommunications network applications....

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AUTHOR: Matt - DATE: 2018/08/23

What is a MAC and how do you measure it?

A core component of any high speed FPGA network application is the Medium Access Controller or 'MAC'. In this video series we explain what the minimum features of MAC are, and how a MAC should be measured....

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AUTHOR: Matt - DATE: 2018/02/06

How to measure nanosecond scale networks

At Exablaze, our primary focus is on building the highest performing, lowest latency networking products on the market.The problem with building ultra-low latency network products is, how do you measure them? In this video series we explain a reliable methodology for picosecond scale measurement of nanosecond scale networks....

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AUTHOR: Matt - DATE: 2017/10/17

Exablaze Enables High Density FPGA Application Development

Exablaze today announced the ExaNIC V5P, the latest addition to Exablaze's highly successful ExaNIC family of Network Application Cards. The ExaNIC V5P is a high-density FPGA acceleration adapter, designed for low latency networking, machine learning, and application acceleration workloads. Users will benefit from its high logic and port density, extensive memory hierarchy and extensive IP and software libraries....

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AUTHOR: Greg - DATE: 2017/05/19

Exablaze and Solarflare Resolve Patent Dispute

Exablaze and Solarflare have entered into an agreement which settles the recent patent dispute between the two companies. Both parties have withdrawn from continued legal action or further patent challenges....

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AUTHOR: The Register - DATE: 2017/04/27

A switch with just 49 ns latency? What strange magic is this?

Australian company Exablaze has released a switch with claimed latency of just 49 nanoseconds. The ExaLINK Fusion FastMux is designed for those who can't wait for data to make it through a box, especially high-frequency traders but also HPC types....

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AUTHOR: Ian - DATE: 2017/04/27

Exablaze Halves Network Multiplexer Latency with New FastMux

Exablaze has announced FastMux, a major new addition to the ExaLINK Fusion product family. FastMux reduces aggregation latency to a minimum of 49ns (nanoseconds), making it about half the latency (or twice the speed) of the previous generation of multiplexing devices...

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