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Exablaze High Precision Timing "NOW in picoseconds"

Author Ian Heddle - Date 2017/02/07

Exablaze Breaks Through Time Resolution Barrier

Sydney, February 14, 2017: Ultra Low Latency networking specialist Exablaze announces the release of the ExaNIC HPT, a dual-port 10GbE Network Interface Card (NIC) that enables High Precision Timestamping (HPT) to 250 picosecond resolution.

The ExaNIC HPT delivers a breakthrough in resolution, improving the accuracy of measuring the time between events by more than a factor of magnitude over existing technologies - from single digit nanoseconds to 250 picoseconds, the time it takes a light signal to travel five centimetres (two inches) through an optical fibre.

‘Until now, users couldn’t measure these kinds of latencies without highly specialized equipment’ explains Exablaze CTO Dr Matthew Chapman. ‘With the ExaNIC HPT, they can generate latency histograms with much finer accuracy than ever before.’

According to Chapman, makers of low-latency network devices claim speeds of under 100 nanoseconds, yet their measurements can vary by plus or minus ten percent. ‘This error is often magnified across hundreds of timestamps in a complex network. With the ExaNIC HPT, existing and potential customers have a tool to verify the exact performance of all of the devices in their critical network infrastructure.’

High precision timing plays a critical role in areas such as:-

Correlating events in networks has become a huge challenge, given the complexity and physical distances involved. Exablaze can now synchronize absolute time via its GPS time server, provide nanosecond resolution timestamping, and produce event-based differential timing with 250 picosecond resolution.

Exablaze already manufactures low latency Network Interface Cards (NICs) such as the ExaNIC GM that serve as Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmasters, offering tight synchronization with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) from anywhere on the globe using on-board Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers and atomic clocks (more information).

The ExaNIC HPT supports the same driver stack as the ExaNIC X10, and can simultaneously be utilised as a standard low latency network card. Exablaze’s latest breakthrough means that High Precision Timestamping and Ultra Low Latency performance can work hand in hand, for the first time.

About Exablaze

Exablaze designs and manufactures Ultra Low Latency network devices for Financial Traders, Big Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Data Centres and Telcos. Exablaze is a leader in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. Its products play a crucial role in computing environments where performance is critical, from North America to Europe, Asia and Australia.

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