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ExaLINK Fusion - now with inbuilt GPS

Author David Mann - Date 2016/04/11

We're proud to announce that as of today, all ExaLINK Fusion switches will ship with inbuilt GPS functionality. This is provided at no extra cost to customers, and allows you to perform very accurate time synchronisation between multiple geographic sites. All that's needed is to connect up a GPS antenna to SMA port marked GPS. GPS antennas are now available in many datacenters.

ExaLINK Fusion front panel with new GPS

The new ExaLINK Fusion front panel, complete with SMA GPS antenna input and selectable PPS in/out via the second SMA

Customers can also take advantage of the GPS functionality to generate PPS timing outputs for other devices in their system. For example, the ExaNIC can perform hardware timestamping and includes a PPS input that can be daisy chained. This allows all of the ExaNICs in your system to share a very accurate common synchronised timebase.

As an added bonus, if you've forgotten where you parked your Fusion, you can track it down:

[email protected]> show timesync
Sync method    : gps

GPS fix        : yes
Location       : 33.867177°S 151.205404°E 109.3m
Time accuracy  : 6 ns
Satellites     : 13
Last sync time : 2016-04-11 23:08:12

This update to the Fusion platform is part of our continual commitment to provide the best possible product to customers, and a result of listening to their valued feedback.