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Exablaze Halves Network Multiplexer Latency with New FastMux

Author Ian Heddle - Date 2017/04/27

Exablaze Halves Network Multiplexer Latency with New FastMux

ExaLINK Fusion FastMux

The ExaLINK Fusion FastMux, 49ns aggregation

Sydney, April 27, 2017: Ultra Low Latency networking specialist Exablaze has announced FastMux, a major new addition to the ExaLINK Fusion product family. FastMux reduces aggregation latency to a minimum of 49ns (nanoseconds), making it about half the latency (or twice the speed) of the previous generation of multiplexing devices.

'This makes the ExaLINK Fusion the fastest crosspoint-enabled network multiplexer on the market,’says Exablaze chairman Dr Greg Robinson. 'FastMux allows 15 connections to be aggregated into a single upstream port, such as a long-haul link or an exchange order entry point, with unrivalled speed and flexibility. What’s more, the latency through the device is almost identical for all 15 ports.


Ultra-low latency networking devices are critical in areas like High Frequency Trading, where traders invest in superfast hardware to beat competitors to vital market intelligence. The competition between makers of Network Interface Cards (NICs) and switches is just as fierce, with vendors pushing the limits of technology to near the speed of light to create the fastest network devices.


Vendors often claim performance figures without specifying the conditions or measurement technology used. The ExaLINK Fusion FastMux firmware upgrade ships with a performance verification report that shows the latency distribution of all ports as well as the configuration used for testing. The report was generated using Exablaze’s High Precision Timing network capture technology (ExaNIC HPT) which assures 0.25ns (250 picosecond) measurement resolution.

The FastMux performance report provides a best case (minimum of minimums) latency of 48.79ns, an average case (median of medians) latency of 53.79ns, and a maximum case (maximum of maximums) of 58.79ns. These latencies vary by less than 1.00ns between ports, regardless of the number of ports in use, so users can be confident of achieving this performance in real world deployments.


All 48 ports on the ExaLINK Fusion (including FastMux ports) are crosspoint-enabled. This provides essential support for layer 1 mode features such as tapping for logging, patching for failover, and packet counters and signal quality statistics for monitoring. This feature makes the ExaLINK Fusion FastMux the most flexible aggregation device on the market.


The FastMux upgrade for ExaLINK Fusion is available now and is free of charge for Exablaze customers with a current support contract. ‘Our consistently cutting edge approach to low latency network design gives users high-value and flexible options for achieving greater performance on their existing hardware,’ says Robinson. ‘Companies choose us for this reason.'

About Exablaze

Exablaze designs and manufactures ultra low latency network devices for Financial Traders, Big Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Data Centres and Telcos. Exablaze is a leader in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. Its products play a crucial role in computing environments where performance is critical, from North America to Europe, Asia and Australia.

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