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Network Tap/Aggregation Enters the Picosecond Era with ExaLINK Fusion HPT

Author Matthew Grosvenor - Date 2018/10/12


The ExaLINK Fusion HPT - 100 picosecond resolution, high port density, tap/aggregation switch

Sydney, 12 October, 2018: Exablaze today announced the ExaLINK Fusion HPT, a highly anticipated addition to the successful ExaLINK Fusion product series. The Fusion HPT provides unprecedented depths of insight into network operations for high performance compute (HPC), high frequency trading (HFT), and telecommunications network applications. It offers 100 picosecond resolution network timestamping, high density port count, deep aggregation buffers and high-rate, load-balanced outputs.

Dr Greg Robinson, Exablaze Chairman, said “The ExaLINK Fusion HPT maintains Exablaze’s enviable position as a world-leading, high impact innovator. This device exemplifies our continuing commitment to customer-centric development”. He added, “this product has undergone extensive early testing, demonstrating outstanding results and user satisfaction. We’re confident that a wide range of users will find this device a highly valuable addition to their network monitoring infrastructure”.

High Density, High Precision Timestamping

High quality timestamps are vital to enterprise networks for performance tuning, fault finding, auditing, and compliance. Exablaze’s High Precision Timestamping (HPT) technology was first released in 2017 (as the ExaNIC HPT) beginning a new wave of high quality network analytics. The ExaLINK Fusion HPT improves dramatically on the first release, increasing the timestamping resolution by 2.5x (to 100ps) and the port density by 20x (to 40, 10Gbps ports). One early tester commented “there is no real competing product. I have nothing to validate this [against]”.

Superior Microburst Protection

High precision timestamping is meaningless unless all packets can be captured. The ExaLINK Fusion HPT features a comprehensive internal memory hierarchy with 32GB of deep buffer memory. This gives the device superior microburst protection and makes the ExaLINK Fusion HPT the most capable network tap/agg device on the market today.

Unrivaled Egress Capacity

Ever increasing network utilization means that a single 10Gbs aggregation port may no longer be sufficient to capture all traffic without packet loss. The Fusion HPT offers configurable output capacity, load balanced across multiple 10Gbs output ports. This solution puts the power in the hands of operators to tune capture capacity to network needs, and avoids the unnecessary cost of expensive 40Gbs/100Gbs capture solutions.

Layer 1 features

The Fusion HPT builds on the robust foundations of the ExaLINK Fusion product series. All ExaLINK Fusion products offer extensive layer 1 tap/replication functions, replacing bulky and inflexible optical tap infrastructure. The devices have expansive management and remote automation capabilities that are tried and tested in performance critical enterprise networks.

Available Today

The ExaLINK Fusion HPT is available immediately in 16, 32, and 48 port varieties with SFP+ and QSFP connectivity options. Contact Exablaze sales or speak to our global network of resellers to arrange a free evaluation.

About Exablaze

Exablaze designs and manufactures ultra low latency network devices for Financial Trading, Big Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Data Centres and Telcos. Exablaze is a global leader in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. Its products play a crucial role in computing environments where performance is critical.

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