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Exablaze and Solarflare Resolve Patent Dispute

Author Greg Robinson - Date 2017/05/19

Melbourne, Australia, May 19, 2017: Exablaze and Solarflare have entered into an agreement which settles the recent patent dispute between the two companies. Both parties have withdrawn from continued legal action or further patent challenges. In order to avoid the possibility of future conflicts, Exablaze has been granted a license to a portfolio of Solarflare patents. Other terms of the settlement agreement are confidential.

"We are pleased to have reached this resolution with Solarflare," said Dr. Greg Robinson, Chairman of Exablaze. "For the first time in a little over a year, potential customers of either company now have clarity, and both parties can now get on and compete in the marketplace, rather than in the courts," he added.

In the meantime, Exablaze has had a productive year in the Network Interface Card side of its business. "We have further refined our ExaNIC X10 and ExaNIC X40 NICs, which remain the world's lowest latency network cards, and we have also introduced the ExaNIC GM, our PTP Grandmaster, and the ExaNIC HPT, a 250 picosecond resolution network capture device," said Robinson.

Exablaze also applies its knowledge of ultra-low-latency networking to the switching space. The company produces a 96ns Layer 2 switch, and, this year, released FastMux, a 49ns multiplexer for 10Gbit/s Ethernet.

"Having both our NIC and switch products based on FPGA technology provides us with a great deal of flexibility and responsiveness when it comes to rolling out new features and performance improvements," said CTO Dr Matthew Chapman. "Our customers benefit because they can stay on the cutting edge without having to continually upgrade hardware."

Exablaze turns four years old next week. "We took in our first outside investment in the second half of last year, with a view to further building on our existing profitability and footprint," said Robinson. "Our rapid revenue growth reflects a growing and supportive customer base. One of the joys of our work is being able to interact with engaged expert users and to have the agility to respond meaningfully to their ideas. Many of the new features or products on our roadmap have that genesis and we look forward to rolling them out."

About Exablaze

Exablaze designs and manufactures ultra low latency network devices for Financial Traders, Big Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Data Centres and Telcos. Exablaze is a leader in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. Its products play a crucial role in computing environments where performance is critical, from North America to Europe, Asia and Australia.

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