Exablaze is now part of Cisco.

Cisco and Exablaze are One Company!

Author Matthew Grosvenor - Date 2020/03/26

Exablaze and Cisco are one company! As we begin this new chapter, we wanted to let our clients and partners know what to expect in the short to medium terms.

It should come as no surprise that Cisco is committed to a smooth integration of the Exablaze business into the larger Cisco organization. The overarching aim is to continue to build on the innovation and successes of Exablaze, with the backing of Cisco’s extensive resources.

Technical Support

One of the areas where we hope to see quick benefits is technical support. We have well-advanced plans to infuse Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) with Exablaze support. Customers can expect to see an improved support offering, with dedicated Exablaze support engineers forming a part of the global 24/7 Cisco technical support centers in the coming months.

Product Roadmap

Cisco intends for Exablaze to continue developing the current Exablaze roadmap. We look forward to working more closely together on joint products and roadmap which, if anything, will accelerate the speed with which we are able to bring you new and exciting products. We have several developments well underway: stay tuned for more!

ExaNIC and Firmware Development Kit Products (FDK)

Regarding the future of the ExaNIC and FDK, Cisco is committed to continuing development and support of the ExaNIC and FDK range of products.

ExaNICs are a key part of the technology suite that attracted Cisco to Exablaze. The market-leading, low latency performance of ExaNIC devices, combined with the flexibility and agility that FPGA reconfigurability brings, make these products a winning combination for High Frequency and low latency trading customers. They also have much broader appeal within the Cisco organization. Cisco sees a strong future for FPGA-based networking technologies as part of the Intent Based Networking strategy, and the Exablaze FDK is an important part of that future.

The Exablaze integration process is proceeding well, and with Cisco’s track record of successfully integrating over 200 acquisitions we are excited about our future together!


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