Exablaze is now part of Cisco.

Ultra-low latency
networking solutions

About Exablaze Cisco Acquisition

Cisco Systems Acquisition

Exablaze and Cisco and are now one! We are working hard to bring together Cisco's global reach, extensive sales and support teams, and broad technology and manufacturing base, with Exablaze's cutting-edge low-latency networking, layer 1 switching, timing and time synchronization technologies, and low-latency FPGA expertize.

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Ultra-low latency networking for finance, telecommunications, and defense.

Exablaze is dedicated to building the lowest latency networking software, hardware and firmware products. Our expert team helps network operators take the next step in network latency optimization for mission critical systems.

Download our overview to learn about how Exablaze accelerates financial trading organizations to build the world's fastest trading systems.

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Image showing ExaLINK Hydra 160 layer 1 switch

Layer 1 Switching

Dynamically tap, patch, monitor, and fan-out 10G Ethernet in <5ns.


Image showing ExaLINK Fusion layer 1/layer 2/FPGA switch platform

Layer 2+ Switching

Many-to-one aggregation in 39ns. All-to-all switching in 95ns.


Image showing ExaNIC X25 NIC

Network Interface Cards

Ultra-low latency network adapters and sockets acceleration.


Graphic depicting FPGA applications on ExaNIC network adapter

FPGA Applications

Custom FPGA applications. Trigger latencies as low as 27ns


Image showing ExaNIC GM PTP grand master NIC

Time synchronization

PTP time distribution and synchronization down to ±1ns


Image showing ExaDISK FX1 NVMe SSD

Network Capture

Timestamp with 70ps precision, capture and storage at up to 40Gb/s



Independently Verified

Exablaze is a proud member of the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC™) community. Our products are thoroughly tested and independently verified to have best performance and the lowest latency. We regularly contribute to the community, helping to educate, inform, and build robust and reliable benchmarks.

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World Map

Find Us World-Wide

Exablaze has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and New York and dedicated sales teams in London and Shanghai. We work with over 30 resellers in 12 different countries. This means that you can reach us nearly anytime, anywhere.

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